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Eastminster Presbyterian Church is a congregation of people with deep faith and caring hearts. Yet, although Eastminster has a long history of mission work, it is in many ways an inwardly oriented congregation. Over the years Eastminster has lost touch with its local community and abandoned efforts at local outreach and evangelism. Eastminster needs to begin to shift its culture from inward to outward and renew its focus on outreach and evangelism.

This paper has three parts. Part One will explore both the context and identity of Eastminster Presbyterian Church. Attention will be paid to the character of East Ventura as a beach community and agricultural area and the socioeconomic issues that grow from these factors. Focus will also be placed on the growth of the area and the potential for outreach and evangelism, as well as the challenges presented by the religious landscape.

Part Two will develop a theological rationale for Eastminster to shift its culture from inward to outward and renew its focus on outreach and evangelism. First, an outward oriented ecclesiology will be outlined. Second, it will demonstrate how an outward oriented ecclesiology finds its roots in key hallmarks of Reformed theology and conversely how these hallmarks have often led to an inward focused ecclesiology. Finally, the life and teaching of Jesus will be examined as a model for an outward oriented ecclesiology with a focus on outreach and evangelism.

Part Three presents a blueprint for developing leadership, an implementation plan and curriculum for this project. This section will identify the goals, content, timeline, and target population as well as the specifics of the project—a small group experience and a retreat. Finally, this section will include an assessment of the project including evaluation by the church board, questionnaires, and interviews.

Theological Mentor: Kurt Fredrickson, PhD.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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Eastminster Presbyterian Church (East Ventura, Calif.); Evangelistic work; Evangelistic work; Home missions; City missions; Church renewal -- Presbyterian Church


Missions and World Christianity


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