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Maw S. Awng

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This project will discuss ways to strengthen the Christian discipleship of Kachin youth. The Kachins became Christians through American missionaries during the British colonization of present-day Myanmar (Burma). Soon after independence, the Kachins were called the followers of a colonial religion and lost their opportunity for advancement in a mainly Buddhist country. In 1962, the Burmese version of a socialist government came to power and closed the country’s door to the outside world. Conflict started due to unjust and unequal power sharing among ethnic people. When war began, the Kachins were still in the early stages of Christianity, modern education, and social development. After fifty years of suffering, Kachin youth and the future society of all Kachins are now threatened.

There are three parts to this paper. To give a full picture of the current ministry context, the first part presents the historical, social, political, and religious background of Kachin society. The second part discusses a biblical and theological response to the current issues of Kachin youth and the role of the Kachin Baptist Convention in Kachin society. This part also examines how Kachin youth understand Christian spirituality and Christian discipleship in their struggle. Ultimately, it offers a practical contextual theology.

Since 98 percent of Kachins are Christians, in order to build hope for the future of Kachin society it is important to strengthen the Christian discipleship of Kachin youth, so that they will be able to overcome current obstacles. For this reason, the third part offers practical youth ministry programs to transform and empower Kachin young people. To build hope, Kachin Baptist churches must start both a spiritual and social ministry to strengthen youth spiritually, educationally, and professionally for their stable and successful life in Christ.

Content Reader: Chap Clark, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Clark, Chap

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Jinghpaw Wunpawng Hkalup Hpung Ginjaw; Church work with youth; Discipling (Christianity); Kachin (Asian people); Spiritual formation; Burma


Missions and World Christianity


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