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This paper identifies strategies, techniques, and tools that impact personal growth, promote global discipleship, and facilitate the evolution of twenty-first-century theological concepts to produce successful African-American female leaders within Mount Calvary Holy Church of America (hereafter, MCHCA).

MCHCA has an emerging historical concept of women in ministry. Its leadership has consistently embraced women as regional and national leaders. Notwithstanding their roles as National Mothers and Supervisors, the career path for women in ministry has been limited in its expansion. The majority of MCHCA leadership is male, although an attempt is being made to become more inclusive. With the emergence of female seminarians in the twenty-first century, a reformation will be needed within the Church’s polity. It is the focus of this paper to capture the contributions women have made within MCHCA and to promote their inclusion within the Church.

The context of this discussion includes the established policy within the active member churches in MCHCA as it relates to the emergence of qualified female theologians. This paper will provide profiles of successful women in leadership within and outside of church leadership roles. The profiles, coupled with substantive research, provide a framework for subsequent discussions. African-American women’s common approach to challenges, strategies for self-evaluation, and adaptability evolve as common themes. Strategies, techniques, and tools are presented to build successful leaders, churches, and communities.

This paper examines styles and approaches to leadership and identifies common themes among successful female African-American leaders. This work will take a historical and theological approach to identifying controversial biblical views. Selected biblical texts have presented challenges or problems regarding the role of women. This discourse provides a pathway for emerging female leaders to reach greater heights within MCHCA. This careful glimpse into the future of MCHCA is designed to instill confidence within African-American women and to remind them that God has no respect of class, race, or gender.

Theological Mentor: Kurt Fredrickson, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America (Boston, Mass.); Christian leadership; African American Pentecostal churches; African American women in church work; African American women clergy


Missions and World Christianity


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