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The goal of this paper is to develop a distance education program for The Salvation Army’s USA Western Territory. The Salvation Army’s current clergy education program, a two-year residential college located in Southern California, is somewhat limited in that it excludes those who may not be able to relocate to Los Angeles. To address this deficiency, this project seeks to develop a new model of education, providing a flexible, non-residential training experience for Salvation Army officers.

This paper contains three major sections. Part One will provide an overview of Salvation Army history, theology, and ministry, giving particular attention to changes and trends in recent decades which have given rise to increasing responsibilities for Salvation Army officers in an increasingly complex ministry. This section will also examine the Army’s clergy education program, including its limitations. Finally, this section will explore the opportunities offered by adding a distance learning component.

Part Two will explore the theological and biblical foundations of clergy education as well as the opportunities for education beyond the classroom. Beginning with an examination of pertinent source material from Scripture, theology, and academia, this section will establish the need for, and opportunities of, a clergy education program that engages the student in multiple ways. This section will then review Salvation Army theology and ministry in relation to its education program and comparing it to those of other denominations. Finally, attention will be given to scriptural and historical foundations of clergy education as well as modern trends and opportunities.

Part Three will present the project proposal itself, beginning with the implications and goals gleaned from the biblical, ecclesiastical, and historical studies. This section will detail the tasks to be performed in preparation for the program, outline needed resources and assessment tools, and set a timeline for implementation.

Theological Mentor: Kurt Fredrickson, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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Salvation Army; Distance education; Distance education students; Theological seminaries; Clergy


Missions and World Christianity


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