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The purpose of this final project is to develop a contextual strategy for inspiring postmodern Busters at Trinity Baptist Church to put on the character of Christ through spiritual formation groups. Trinity is in New York City, a center for global finance, media, art, and entertainment. Trinity reaches people from multiple denominational and ethnic backgrounds. Over thirty languages are spoken within the congregation; the socioeconomic spectrum is equally diverse.

The Gospel is taught faithfully, but Trinity has not shifted to postmodernity. Based on REVEAL survey responses, postmoderns at Trinity have not experienced desired depths of spiritual transformation, and 10 percent indicate feeling spiritually stalled. Many proclaim faith but have not put on the character of Christ: where every element of their being is in harmony with God’s will and kingdom.

Part One examines demographics and characteristics of Trinity and implications for church ministry, including socioeconomic factors and relational connectedness. It considers sub-cultural influences, including cultural shifts and lifestyle patterns. Range of existing ministries, theological convictions, and a description of the need for spiritual formation are considered.

Part Two provides theological concepts addressing ecclesiology within Converge (formerly the Baptist General Conference). Strengths and weaknesses are presented; a review of alternative ecclesiastical models of community, postmodern thought, and spiritual formation are addressed. Finally, biblical examples aiding development of a strategy for spiritual formation are examined.

Part Three details a pilot project designed to inspire Trinity’s congregation to participate in a ten-week, church-wide sermon series, choose from one of three personalized spiritual growth tracks, join a spiritual formation group, and continue their spiritual growth journey by utilizing Engage - an online spiritual growth tool. This project sets the stage for a renewed discipleship culture and provides structure and content for groups. Consideration is given to leadership development, timeline, personnel, required resources, and assessment.

Content Reader: Keith Matthews, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Matthews, Keith

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Trinity Baptist Church (New York, N.Y.); Spiritual formation; Generation X; Church renewal; Postmodernism


Missions and World Christianity


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