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The purpose of this project is to develop a strategy helping those who desire to enter pastoral ministry at Grace Point Community Church (GPCC). Elements of this strategy will include identifying their calling, developing the necessary elements to become a pastor, and then exposing them to a variety of ministry styles by shadowing seasoned pastors throughout the community.

This paper begins with a description of the local communities surrounding GPCC. It explains the unique decade of growth that Lewis Center, Ohio has experienced. It also explains how that growth is creating opportunities for expansion for GPCC into surrounding communities that will necessitate a new generation of God-called and well-prepared pastors.

The second section reviews several books that address the relevant biblical and theological concepts regarding the topics of ecclesiology, the pastoral calling, pastoral development and ecumenical cooperation and unity. The second section also presents a concise theology of both pastoral leadership and pastoral development.

The final section focuses on the strategy itself as it is built upon the theological discoveries of the second section. It presents a pathway for selecting, developing, and commissioning future pastors at Grace Point Community Church. It also presents ways to evaluate and assess the pathways.

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Doctor of Ministry

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April 2018

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Grace Point Community Church (Lewis Center, Ohio); Great Commission Association of Churches; Pastoral theology; Clergy; Christian leadership; Ecumenical movement


Missions and World Christianity


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