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Arlie Whitlow

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The purpose of this ministry project is to help Victory’s Crossing Church (VCC) develop a solid plan for making disciples for Jesus Christ through a self-multiplying network of life groups that focus on three areas – personal spiritual growth (reaching up), fellowship (reaching in), and outreach through welcoming the stranger (reaching out). Such a ministry focus is needed in the life of Victory’s Crossing Church. After experiencing some strong initial growth initially, the church has recently declined and plateaued after ten years of ministry. The realization of this project will enable VCC to be faithful to the biblical mandate to go and make disciples and will stimulate ministry revitalization.

Using Mark’s account of Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler, this study highlights in a renewed way the true nature of discipleship. The study shows that discipleship is a universal call for every believer, and that it can only be realized in self-surrender to Jesus and in community with others. It also focuses on the hospitality Jesus modeled in this account. This study will help build a theological foundation for discipleship through life groups at VCC. Many in the surrounding area are much like the rich young ruler – successful, self secure, spiritually empty, and alone.

A pilot group will be assembled to help launch the new ministry initiative, and will be comprised of core members and future leaders. As the pilot groups meets for training, a series of sermons on the rich young ruler will be prepared and presented to the congregation. Each week a new discipleship theme will be discussed. At the conclusion of the series, new leaders will be presented and members will have an opportunity to join.

Life groups will be monitored to ensure they are meeting the goals of spiritual growth, fellowship, and outreach. Assistance will be given as needed.

Theological Mentor: Kurt Fredrickson, PhD.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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Victory's Crossing Church (Washington, D.C.); Spiritual formation; Pentecostal churches; Discipling (Christianity); Small groups; Church group work


Missions and World Christianity


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