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This doctoral project focuses on mobilizing Faith Community Church of Elko New Market, Minnesota to become more effective in the ministry of evangelism and outreach through the strategic practice of Christian hospitality with sensitivity to its suburban context. Faith Community Church was planted in this city six years ago with the purpose of reaching people with the gospel. In the midst of this community context, the church has had limited evangelistic success and needs to reimagine how it engages others.

Part One will examine the suburban context of Faith Community Church and seek to analyze the issues, concerns, and needs of the surrounding community. The vision and values of the church itself will also be provided, with specific attention directed toward the church’s history of evangelism and outreach efforts. The paper will then explore why change is needed in how it connects with others in the surrounding community.

Part Two will engage the relevant biblical and theological resources which examine the missional character of God, and the call of the church to incarnate Christ as a model for evangelism. It will establish a scriptural, theological, and historical foundation for how Christian hospitality is a unique expression of God’s mission to the world. This will also be set within the framework of Wesleyan soteriology and Christian and Missionary Alliance ecclesiology.

Part Three will focus on creating a pilot project that is supported by the theological data. It will establish at least five hospitality groups within the church that will provide helpful training and dialogue on how Christian hospitality can be implemented, and it will call participants to incarnate the Gospel organically in their own social networks, with emphasis on table fellowship. Careful consideration will be given to the timeline, leadership development, resources, personnel, and assessment of this project.

Theological Mentor: Kurt Fredrickson, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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Faith Community Church (Elko New Market, Minn.); Christian and Missionary Alliance; Evangelistic work; Hospitality


Missions and World Christianity


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