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John J. Eitel

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This ministry focus paper examines the “3Story” evangelism model through an evaluative template to establish if the model considers the theological, historical, developmental, and environmental factors of the task of peer-to-peer evangelism. While the language and methodology of evangelism seem to have remained unaltered within Christendom, the surrounding culture continues to change. Expectations and techniques that existed in the past now are being placed on an adolescent culture that neither understands nor connects with them. The result of this evaluation will be a greater awareness of the issues facing both models and practitioners when approaching the task of adolescent peer-to-peer evangelism.

This study will be divided into four sections. The first section will examine the historical approaches to evangelism in North America and the efforts made to adapt these strategies for the task of adolescent peer-to-peer evangelism. This information will create evaluation markers for the evaluative template. The second section will explore the theology of peer-to-peer evangelism along with the dynamic of human relationships in both the Old and New Testament; the dynamics of how Jesus, His disciples, and the early Church shared the Good News in an interpersonal context; and, the role of the Church. This information will create evaluation markers for the theological measure of the evaluative template. The third section will explore the psychosocial development, spiritual development, and environmental issues of peer relationships and their implication to the task of peer-to-peer evangelism in a North American context. This information will create additional markers for the evaluative template. Finally, the last section will examine the “3Story” model through the template presented. It will discuss if the model is a viable strategy for adolescent peer-to-peer evangelism.

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Evangelistic work; Church work with teenagers; Teenagers


Missions and World Christianity


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