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Lynn Moresi

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CityLife Church is an independent, Pentecostal, Mega Church, gathering in three locations across Melbourne, Australia. With a large Asian population, congregants are generally financially stable, well-educated and success-oriented. Fundamental Pentecostal teachings have created an expectation where supernatural engagement with the Holy Spirit is an anticipated outcome of faith in Christ. This concentration on the upbeat, outward expression of one’s faith often leaves the community unprepared and ill equipped to navigate the inevitable faith formation stages of doubt and spiritual darkness. This doctoral project will equip adult members of CityLife Church, who traditionally struggle to acknowledge these stages, identify, understand, and navigate them through the development of an integrated strategy of pulpit teaching and small group engagement.

Proposing an integrated strategy of pulpit teaching and small group engagement, CityLife adults will understand that Christ-like maturity is a lifelong process, and that these challenging stages are vital to the process of transformation. The pulpit teaching and parallel small-group studies will enable believers to identify and normalize their own faith formation stage, and that of others within the community, promoting authentic relationships. Part One of this paper will examine the community context of CityLife Church.

Part Two will engage the biblical and theological foundations for this project. Key theological texts will be outlined, together with Scriptures supporting the necessity of stages of doubt and spiritual darkness in the maturing process. Part Three will present a ministry plan to address the need for CityLife adults to understand and navigate the challenging faith formation stages. Specific goals relating to the desired outcomes will be discussed, together with a project timeline, which will provide a clear framework for the strategy content.

Content Reader: Kurt Fredrickson, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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CityLife Church (Melbourne, Vic.); Spiritual formation; Belief and doubt; Church group work with men; Church group work with women; Small groups


Missions and World Christianity


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