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Bjorn Ottesen

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The goal of this study is to understand changes that have taken place in Danish society and find better ways for the Seventh-day Adventist Church hereafter Adventist Church) to conduct its mission and witness.

Immense changes have taken place in Denmark since the Adventist Church started its ministry there in 1878. From the 1960s people’s relationship to traditional Christian values and faith has changed with increasing intensity. Within the last twenty years the industrial society has been replaced by an information society. Public life has become more secular with few references to religion. The Church is doing its mission in an increasingly secular, individualistic and postmodern culture. These major shifts pose challenges and opportunities.

The focus of this paper will be on methods for evangelism and mission. Part One begins with a literature review, goes on to describe recent changes in Danish culture and analyzes how these changes present challenges for, but also offer opportunities to, the Adventist Church. Particular attention is given to the population’s changed attitudes to faith, religion and relationships. An introduction to the Adventist Church follows. Part Two is a theological reflection, with an emphasis on what Ephesians and Acts teach on the Church and its mission. Furthermore there is a reflection on the Church’s approach to cultural change. The third part of the dissertation draws conclusions from the research and proposes a model for ministry that may be helpful in the new cultural context in Denmark.

The main thesis of this dissertation is: Given the increasing relational and experiential nature of learning and spirituality in Danish culture, local congregations within the Adventist Church will be more fruitful in evangelism if they intentionally develop holistic small groups and networks in which the gospel can be both embodied and proclaimed.

Content Reader: Michael Pearson, DPhil

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Pearson, Michael

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General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists; Christianity; Postmodernism; Evangelistic work; Denmark


Missions and World Christianity


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