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Christian business leaders face unclear and ubiquitous pressures to make decisions and handle operations out of secular worldviews. When prevailing worldviews are unspoken they may adopt priorities and practices antithetical to their faith. This paper seeks to explain some secular worldviews and focus on rethinking work through a meta-lens of a holistic Christian worldview. The focus then shifts to leadership in three key areas: partnerships, human development, and mentoring.

Part One explores a Christian worldview based in Scripture with particular focus on work and leadership. It looks at the centrality of work, words, and images used for work, as well as a particular study on relationships between employees and employers. It argues that William Pollard was right in distinguishing end goals and means goals for Christians at work. This helps define where a business should go and how it should get there without confusing the two.

Part Two looks at three particular areas of leadership: leadership as an intricate set of partnerships, human development instead of human resources, and mentoring the next generation of leaders. It looks at how being made in the image of God and having free will grants all people a level of respect. Max DePree’s understanding of partnerships will begin a chapter on creating mutually respectful win-win agreements via partnerships between employers and employees, businesses and clients, and businesses and vendors. The chapter on mentoring will concentrate on how one leader develops another and the long view of Christian work, leaving a legacy.

Part Three concentrates on ways business leaders can develop a life rhythm of reflection on integrating faith and work through spiritual disciplines with examples from Scriptures A series of practices are explained, along with pressing questions which help the reader integrate his or her faith and work.

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Christian leadership; Leadership; Business; Business ethics; Church work with executives


Missions and World Christianity


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