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Tassie Green

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The goal of this doctoral project was to develop a church leadership training curriculum for church leaders in the Presbytery of Chicago to build lasting, family faith by creating innovative, intergenerational worship services that include imaginative, whole body engagement. Beginning with the current realities of families as broken and time-crunched, it examined context and challenge within the Presbytery of Chicago as missing good opportunities to meet the spiritual hunger and desire for guidance that exist in its neighborhoods and families.

The project reviewed pertinent literature, theological and biblical imperatives, and promising trajectories of intergenerational worship practices that aid in accomplishing its goals of building “sticky faith.” It created a plan for building vision within the Presbytery of Chicago, recruiting leaders, designing and executing a two-and-a-half day leader training workshop, and consulting with two churches to carry out a one-month, intergenerational worship experiment. It provided communication samples, workshop outlines, worship segments, and assessment tools as resources.

This project aimed to spark vision for a preferred future of all ages and stages of Jesus’ followers worshiping together intergenerationally to build relationships with one another. While the plan was not executed, it explored the real possibility that through the connection point of intergenerational worship, the Church as God’s “family of families” would: become more connected in caring for each other, experience God’s presence and power together in fresh, tangible ways that build faith, help one another grow toward faith maturity, and live as God’s sent ones who serve in their neighborhoods, overflowing with God’s love for God’s world.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Balswick, Jack

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April 2018

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Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.); Christian leadership; Leadership; Families; Worship


Missions and World Christianity


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