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This doctoral project describes a process of discipleship and equipping in spiritual formation in order to establish the DNA of a Vineyard Church plant in Terrace, British Columbia. Terrace is a community of 15,500 people located five hundred miles north of Vancouver. The evangelistic church plant will emphasize helping people live as authentic followers and disciples of Jesus. The main identity of this church planting initiative will be built around evangelistic discipleship and equipping in spiritual formation helping to create a community of people who authentically live out what it means to live in Christian community. The project will lay out a theoretical and practical foundation for growth and maturation in Christ through participation in spiritual practice and the life of this new community.

Part One will present the history of the Terrace area by looking at the First Nations history, pioneer life, and early church history. Attention will be given to how the cycles of boom and bust have impacted the community and its churches. This section will also look at how religious groups are currently engaging young adults and the greater community.

Part Two will provide the theological foundations for this project. A Vineyard theological perspective will be presented, along with influences from authors who advocate spiritual practice and formation. This section will establish a biblical, theological, and historical premise for the priority of spiritual formation in the lives of those wanting to live as authentic followers of Jesus.

Part Three will develop a plan that spells out how people can participate in a pilot project on spiritual formation. Various spiritual disciplines will be explained, and the opportunity to practice these disciplines within a supportive small group context will be made available. The groups will be mindful of the various timelines, resources, personnel, and assessment tools required.

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Doctor of Ministry

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April 2018

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Vineyard church plant (Terrace, B.C.); Vineyard Christian Fellowship; Church development, New; Spiritual formation; Small groups


Missions and World Christianity


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