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The goal of this project is to demonstrate that church planting through networking, community building, and spiritual transformation is the most effective approach among African immigrants in the Dallas area. It is argued that networking, community building, and spiritual transformation are essential using the United African Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas as context together with five other carefully selected African immigrant congregations.

Through an examination of Scripture, the study shows that operating in community is the best approach as the church fulfills its call to partner with the triune God in reaching the world with the message of the gospel. To fulfill the goal of this project, the book Launching Missional Communities by Mike Breen and Alex Absalom is examined as well as other relevant literature pertinent to the project. Also, a survey was sent to the five carefully selected African immigrant congregations for completion, and the results of this survey are considered. The focus of the survey was on the effect of networking, community building, and spiritual transformation on their ministries as developing congregations. Evaluation was also made of the five congregations via personal interviews and observation during worship services. The period of the research study lasted from August to December 2014. Following the completion of the project, the impact of networking, community building, and spiritual transformation was analyzed.

The project concludes that networking, community building, and spiritual transformation make church planting among African immigrants in the Dallas area the most effective approach. However, due to the limited time of the research study, these findings require further study before a definite conclusion can be made. While further research is needed, the findings of this project are highly recommended.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Wood, H. Stanley

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April 2018

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United African Presbyterian Church (Dallas, Tex.); Church work with immigrants; Church work with African Americans; African American Presbyterian churches; Spiritual formation


Missions and World Christianity


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