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An integrative theology of transcendence, creation, and immanence addresses the determinative dilemma of both theology and science. Without slipping into nihilism, I propose one may integrate the world one knows with the God one knows enabling faith to develop and to deepen. Today many congregants and nonaffiliated community members live with the conundrum of determinism due to scientific and theological perspectives that may lead to postmodern nihilism. Examining this issue in a small city dominated by the presence of a major university highlights this quandary. Congregants need a worldview that enables them to integrate faith and academic life. This project combines a theology of transcendence, creation, and immanence with emerging views of science to offer an integrative theology. An additional benefit of this integrative theology is how it describes real human agency and underscores the importance of Christian spirituality. I invite congregants to assess this theology for integrating faith and life.

This project proposes an integrative theology of transcendence, creation and immanence as a synthesizing worldview. The recent discoveries of chaotic systems, emergent phenomena, and complex adaptive systems may describe how God can be immanent and active yet undetected. The project emphasizes the foundational importance of Christian spirituality as a relational guide in a complex world. If congregants value this project as offering a perspective that relieves inconstancies that cause dissonance, the project will achieve its goal. If this integrative theology enables congregants to embrace and delve more deeply into the spirituality of their Christian faith, then this integrative theology will be worth further development.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Jones, Anthony

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April 2018

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Theology; Spirituality; Christian life


Missions and World Christianity


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