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Robin W. Park

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The majority of ESKAA pastors located in North America, including Canada, are associate pastors at immigrant Korean Adventist churches with attached English ministries. Only 50 of 130 Korean-American Adventist churches have ESKAA pastors. The community of ESKAA pastors is small, and their resources are limited. ESKAA pastors struggle in their ministries due to a lack of experience and guidance. To address the challenge, this doctoral project seeks to build mentorships among the pastors so they can help each other.

A supportive spiritual mentorship is critical for ESKAA pastors navigating their ministerial duties. This project enables a natural, relational process of sharing information. It also establishes the standards for a multi-layered mentoring process over six-months among the pastors.

This project begins by examining both the Korean-American community and this particular immigrant Adventist community. A demographic analysis compares the differing value systems of Korean and American cultures. The section covers the immigrant Adventist community in relation to the ministry background of ESKAA pastors. The review concludes with an evaluation of each group’s strengths and weaknesses.

The second section summarizes the biblical and theological foundation for building a mentorship among ESKAA pastors. The discussion covers historical and traditional sources of mentoring leaders, focusing specifically on Augustine and others in the early Church. Additionally, there is discussion on the Adventist tradition. Finally, the section examines mentoring as a means of pastoral formation, a key concept in this project.

The concluding portion describes the mentorship pilot program. This initiative explores the following themes: biblical foundation for mentorship, the importance of mentorship, and the benefits of mentoring for the mentor. This pilot program provides content for a future training program to help pastors find their mentors. Thoughtful evaluation is given to the structure, timeline, personnel, and assessment of this proposed program.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Korean American Seventh-Day Adventists; Korean American clergy; Korean American churches; Mentoring in church work; Mentoring


Missions and World Christianity


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