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This ministry project aims to counter the masculine-related cultural dynamics that lead to human trafficking into the sex industry in Madrid, by developing a discipleship program that helps men to understand biblical masculine identity and their role in the Missio Dei, reducing demand through their approach to cultural and socio-economic structures.

Although Madrid is a main center for sex trafficking, the evangelical churches often lack the ability to respond effectively. Government efforts to combat trafficking largely focus on prosecution and protection. Meanwhile, the issue of prevention and the development of a positive role for men have received less attention. However, efforts to reduce the demand globally address masculine sexual identity and behavior.

The paper contains three parts. Part One examines the cultural and socio-economic environment proliferating sex trafficking. Specific attention is given to masculine culture and how this manifests in various social settings. It also raises some cultural and theological issues that limit local evangelical church engagement.

Part Two establishes the theological foundations of this project. It begins with a review of five books, and leads to a reflection on the relationship between masculine identity, the dynamic of spiritual powers, and the role of men in the outworking of the Missio Dei. These theological tenets then inform discussions on the role of men in influencing the power dynamics implicit in the cultural and socio-economic structures of Madrid.

Part Three provides a practical strategy for helping evangelical men develop the awareness and skills to participate in the prevention of sex trafficking through an understanding of biblical masculinity. The strategy focuses on the creation of a pilot project for future implementation in local churches, in the form of weekly teaching sessions, trust circle, prayer retreat, and the creation of ongoing project support groups. A plan for evaluation and implementation is also offered.

Content Reader: Christa Foster Crawford, J.D.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Foster Crawford, Christa

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Human trafficking; Discipling (Christianity); Spiritual formation; Church work with men


Missions and World Christianity


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