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Huiling Yang

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According to Fuller Youth Institute, about forty to 50 percent of children who graduate from youth groups will fail to maintain their faith in college. The National Study of Youth and Religion indicates that by the time they become emerging adults, only 5 percent count as devoted to their religion. In light of these statistics, churches must rethink strategies to foster long-lasting faith in adolescents. This project aims to develop a six-week course to equip Chinese-American parents and church adults to integrate the Church into the spiritual development of their midadolescents.

Part One of this project explores the ministry context of midadolescents. Starting by acknowledging youth in crises, this part includes various statistics, temptations, and other serious junctures of defining issues, as well as the systematic abandonment occurring in society, culture, and family relations. By considering adolescents' rapid changes in physical and psychological development, churches can better engage with their spiritual development. The changes include stress in prominent parental influences, and the critical importance of social capital in adolescents' lives.

Part Two of this project focuses on becoming mature Christians. Starting from the theological foundations of authentic disciples of Christ, the discussion further explores a deeper understanding of spiritual formation while seeking to connect churches' praxis and practical theology through youth ministry. This also includes ministering from specific cultural perspectives and empowering the next generation through church community.

The final part develops a practical ministry strategy to implement the courses. The Church as an extended family needs to foster a relational church family perception. This includes learning from the early Church, implementing the strategy of adoptive youth ministry, and organizing a youth mentorship program. The six courses for parents and church adults are composed of three parts: midadolescence's special needs, the building of relationships, and spiritual formation in youth.

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April 2018

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Church work with youth; Church work with teenagers; Church work with Asian Americans; Chinese American churches; Spiritual formation; Discipling (Christianity)


Missions and World Christianity


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