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The goal of this ministry project is to develop an intentional discipleship strategy for Victory Outreach International (VOI) that can transmit specific principles, values, and ministry practices and enable transgenerational progression of a common vision within a changing reality. This involves a missionally grounded strategy that can bridge generational gaps and cultures. It means identifying values and principles that have contributed to VOI’s growth as a ministry to gangs and addicts and understanding how the convergence of generations has enabled VOI to become an international multicultural ministry.

Part One presents the uniqueness of VOI. It studies the beginning of VOI, its strengths and weaknesses, and the sources that have contributed to its growth and deficiencies. Appreciative Inquiry is considered for use among the generations to understand the past. Analyzing how VOI’s ministry context has broadened helps in understanding new challenges and innovations within postmodern contexts.

Part Two engages in relevant biblical and theological exploration. It examines VOI ecclesiology and the main tenets of VOI adherents and foundations that support and detract from the ministry initiative. VOI is based on a Pentecostal perspective that originated from the Assemblies of God.

Part Three creates a model of intentional discipleship that links VOI’s DNA, biblical and theological framework, and issues being raised by newer generations in light of the concerns of elders. The goal is developing a discipleship strategy that enables the transmission of VOI’s vision to emerging leadership. The pilot strategy is implemented with discipleship groups within the Victory Outreach Church of Riverside. Each group consists of leaders with specialized gifting, skills, and capacity to form a healthy cell that can reproduce and assimilate people into the life of the church and ultimately throughout the region, to become a model across various cultures.

Content Reader: Juan F. Martínez, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Martínez, Juan F.

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Victory Outreach (Christian denomination); Discipling (Christianity); Spiritual formation; Christian leadership; Church group work


Missions and World Christianity


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