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The purpose of this project is to empower the Nazarene Church to build upon its current representation of Christian holiness into an understanding of transformation as understood by Dallas Willard so that a process of formation emerges. This project has been written in order to further stem a new conversation for the Nazarene Church regarding Christian holiness. The current dialogue can enable a guise of spiritual empowerment without bringing about the means needed for real transformation. The Church uses terms like “entire sanctification,” “growth in grace,” and “Christlikeness of Character” which lack explanation and a process of implementation.

This project hopes to create Godly encounters through a revolution of character and a renovation of the heart so that development through grace and character can practically materialize. This project will examine the founding and history of the Nazarene Church and, specific attention will be given to the current wording in the denominational Article of Faith concerning Christian holiness and how spiritual transformation is represented within the Nazarene Church. The paper will explore the positive contributions and the barriers associated with the current discourse within Christian holiness, so that the doctrine of sanctification can be stripped of some seemingly stagnant and ill-founded misconceptions.

Once the various assertions have been described, the project will examine how the thoughts of Willard interact with Christian holiness in regards to spiritual training as development instead of decision. So much of church life can find its identity in a single decision with little process. The study concludes on how to implement this conversation into a practice and the response of a local congregation. While further research will be unavoidable, it serves to leave a lasting impact for the immediate future upon the thoughts of holy living for those who identify as Nazarene.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Matthews, Keith

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Nazarene, Holiness


Christian Denominations and Sects | Christianity


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