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Since parents can have a significant impact on the faith development of early adolescent girls, the Church needs to equip them to encourage the faith development of their daughters. Due to the personal nature of journeying with the Lord, people struggle with having conversations about their faith. It can be a challenge for parents to know what to say.

The development of boys has been documented well, but girls develop differently. Faith development is not as simple as physical development. The body grows at a certain rate and time, regardless of how the brain thinks. Faith development occurs in stages over years and can happen at any age. For this reason, Part One of this project discusses this context and the development of early adolescent girls.

A biblical foundation is important to explore, so Part Two examines how Christian identity influences how people see themselves in relation to God and to the Body of Christ. Theologically and scripturally, Christians are called to make disciples. Parents have a vital role in passing on the faith to their daughters. Adolescent girls need to be equipped with the tools to develop their faith. It is more than just teaching the biblical story. Adolescent daughters need to be prepared with spiritual disciplines to help them foster their faith. To grow as a disciple, adolescents need the support of the family.

Consequently, Part Three offers a strategy that engages both churches and families. Churches need to understand how they equip members to live a life grounded in faith. This understanding also should include developing a plan to equip parents in being the ones who pass on their faith to their adolescent girls. The strategy in this project provides a way to teach parents spiritual practices and offers a practical ministry application.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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adolescence, girls, parenting




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