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The purpose of this doctoral project was to implement pilot discipleship groups at Front Range Christian Church (FRCC). Taking into account the mobility of both the congregation and the surrounding community, the project aimed at people development over a short period of time rather than the establishment of a new church program. Three pilot groups with varying composition, meeting logistics, and resource utilization were used for comparison in determining the most effective means of equipping and catalyzing disciple makers at FRCC.

Jesus’ example with the first disciples was normative in determining the means and method of discipleship in the project. Through an examination of Scripture, four primary areas of development were extrapolated from Jesus’ discipleship model: biblical worldview, integrated mission, intentional relationships, and habits and rhythms of life conducive for ongoing growth. These four areas comprised the subject matter for each pilot group to varying degrees. The project also took into account the multipliable nature of discipleship in the New Testament. Thus, the invitation to participate in the pilot groups included a full life cycle—from beginning (as disciples) to beginning (as disciple makers).

The assessment of the project consists of three distinct phases. The initial assessment took place midway through the project in order to allow for needed adjustments to increase the likelihood of equipping and catalyzing disciple makers. The second assessment will take place at the conclusion of the pilot project. It is designed to facilitate discussion amongst FRCC leadership as to the potential for ongoing church- wide discipleship efforts. The final assessment will occur over time as it becomes clear whether or not subsequent generations of disciple makers are resulting.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Matthews, Keith

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