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Chai Wan Evangelical Church was established with a “burden for evangelism [and the] pursuit of godly life,” according to its mission statement. The primary of goal of the church is to share the gospel and nourish Christians to become holy. In 2007, the church launched a student ministry, which resulted in an increase in evangelical and pastoral needs. In order to work well with the young leaders who are working with this ministry, a new paradigm for leadership is needed. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to develop a training plan for the deacons to be adaptive leaders.

Part One of this project explores the formation of leadership approach at Chai Wan Evangelical Church. This section also explores why the church’s current leadership approach is ineffective, while the evangelical and pastoral needs increase. Finally, this section describes the reasons for the implementation of adaptive leadership.

Part Two presents a theological reflection upon the challenge of church leadership. The importance of leadership for the church is discussed. The biblical theology of adaptive leadership is examined in order to give an account for its applicability and implications in a new era.

In the light of the leadership challenge before Chai Wan Evangelical Church and the theological understanding of leadership put forth in Part Two, Part Three presents a practical strategy for equipping deacons with adaptive leadership. It explains how key leaders, including deacons and young potential leaders, are recruited and trained, then adopt to exercise the new introduced leadership approach. This section also explains how the project will be assessed.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Rowland, Randy

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Adaptive Leadership, Deacons




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