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The goal of this paper is to help English-speaking adults from Cornerstone Chinese Alliance Church in Markham, Ontario achieve rest, renewal, and reconnection with God and others to bring a sense of balance between work and life. To achieve this purpose, a pilot project will be conducted within the Sunday School ministry with a small number of English-speaking leaders to enable them to practice Sabbath keeping through discussion, accountability, and peer mentoring. The content of this project will go over four key areas of Sabbath keeping, which are rest, recreation, worship, and relationship.

Cornerstone Chinese Alliance Church is situated in the fast growing, affluent suburban community of Markham, Ontario, which many consider to be the high-tech capital of Canada. The affluent lifestyle is enjoyed by young professionals and families with dual incomes. Church members often lead aspiring careers with upward mobility and monetary returns. The drive to succeed, coupled with the value of hard work has led to an overemphasis on careers at the expense of self-care, family, and spiritual health. This imbalanced lifestyle is a breeding ground for issues such as burnout, depression, and divorce.

This paper contains three major sections. The first looks at Cornerstone Chinese Alliance Church’s context: location, demographics, sources of growth, challenges and opportunities to teach and practice Sabbath keeping. The second section of this paper will focus on the theology of the Sabbath, which reflects on different theological viewpoints of Sabbath keeping to explore possible correctives to imbalanced lifestyles. The final section of this paper provides a strategy for launching an integrated approach through the Sunday School ministry that includes formal instruction, discussion, peer mentoring, and accountability groups. The end result should yield a renewed mind, a focused commitment to Christ, and a healthy work-life balance.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Wu, Jonathan

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