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Publication Date

Fall 12-2018


A Strategic Approach Equipping Parents to Raise Children to Become Healthy

Adults by Age Twenty-Five

James Kyooje Lee

Doctor of Ministry

School of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary


The goal of this final project is to create a parent seminar and strategy that would

serve local churches, Christian schools, and families. Over the past few decades, major

shifts and changes have taken place in the adolescent journey and the complicated

transition into adulthood. Adolescence is starting earlier and ending later. A new

demographic called emerging adulthood has developed, finding its way in between

adolescence and adulthood. Many parents, schools, and ministries intuitively know

growing up today is different but do not necessarily know what is at the root causes of so

many changes. The journey of adolescence is further complicated by the systemic

abandonment of youth by adults and their agendas.

This final project takes an in-depth look at the reasons why adolescence is taking

so much longer. Because adolescence is extended, the natural by-product is the delaying

of entering adulthood as defined by traditional markers. Keeping these dynamics in mind,

the project not only explains the multitude of reasons behind the rapidly changing

landscapes of adolescence and emerging adulthood, it also provides helpful strategies to

assist parents, educators, youth pastors, coaches and executives. Adults today need to

learn both the new markers of adulthood and the non-traditional order in which these

markers are reached.

Ultimately, positive change will come from a true awareness of today’s landscape

by an older generation of adults willing to come alongside young people and families. A

final goal of this project is to provide a parenting seminar that can assist parents, schools,

and churches across the country.

Content Reader: Chap Clark, PhD.

Words: 255

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry

First Advisor

Clark, Chap

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November 2018

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Adolescence, Emerging Adulthood, Parent, Adult


Arts and Humanities | Social and Behavioral Sciences


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