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Fall 9-1-2018


The purpose of this project was to develop diverse Millennial ministry leaders at Valley Ranch Baptist Church and to empower them to connect with a growing multi-cultural community by establishing a hands-on pastoral training internship program. This paper argues that in order for interns to be developed effectively, the training must be targeted at cultivating core leadership competencies. These skills can be developed by guiding a group of diverse emerging leaders through an on-the-job development pathway which progressively allows them to receive more knowledge, experience, coaching, and mentoring.

Through examining contemporary literature and relevant biblical passages, the paper determines that the local church should be the locus of leader development because it is vital to accomplishing the Church’s mission. Mentoring and coaching, as well as making sure the training process is personalized, relationship-based, and experiential, are all key to developing the next generation of leaders. A seven-phase training pathway and leadership pipeline which targets training to cultivate certain pastoral leadership competencies are both given. In order to gauge the effectiveness of this training process, three younger interns from a variety of ethnic backgrounds were hired onto the staff at VRBC and have begun the first year of their training.

The study concludes that this hands-on internship model seems to be an effective way to grow and to diversity the church, as well as to add depth to the church’s leadership pool. However, these findings are preliminary and partial. More assessments at the conclusion of the two-year internship need to be conducted to measure the effectiveness of developing leadership competencies in interns. While further research is needed, it seems that this internship program could be adapted to other church settings in order to aid in church expansion, congregational diversification, and leadership development.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Logan, Robert

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Leadership Development, Millennial, Diverse, Multi-cultural


Biblical Studies | Christianity | Leadership Studies | Organization Development | Practical Theology


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