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Fall 11-15-2018


The purpose of this doctoral project is to provide a set of contextual church planting strategies for African American episcopal and pastoral leaders who will launch, develop and grow spiritually healthy leaders and churches. The church-planting movement of Calvary Revival Churches (hereafter CRC) is in southeastern Virginia. The area’s independent cities mirror the boroughs of New York City. The CRC brand launched four churches with five campuses spread throughout the Hampton Roads region. To date only two CRC church campuses, remain. The expansiveness of suburban sprawl and residential centers coupled with centralized commercial services have always left disconnected and disenfranchised people in urban neighborhoods where many Black churches resided. The African American Church has always been the epicenter of the “black community;” its affluence and influence has a rich heritage and historical impact in the pursuit of equality. The first section of this project examines the context of ministry with a closer look at Calvary Revival Church. The second section traces the history of the Black Church’s development and wrestles with the tensions surrounding church planting in an African American context. The impact of mega churches coupled with new ecclesiastical developments and reformations versus the decline of the traditional denominational Black Church has created a tension within the “black church community” and its ability to serve its community. The third section examines the trends of church-planting models within an African American Church context. The lack of intentional strategies coupled with an inability to address contemporary changing worldviews with biblical foundational truth has given rise to the decline in CRC launched campuses. The final section will develop best practices and strategies leaders can follow for launching, developing and growing spiritually healthy leaders and churches that serve their communities.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Clarke, Clifton

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Church Planting, Black Church, Leadership, Black Church Leadership, African American Leadership, Sytematic, African American Church, Healty Spirituality, Church Health, Mental Health


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