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Spring 4-1-2018


A narrative approach of teaching Scripture to adolescents is an integrative methodology that draws from both narrative theology as well as developmental psychology. It considers both the narrative of the Bible and the psychosocial development of people during adolescence, which happens narratively. A narrative approach to teaching Scripture to adolescents offers the redemptive narrative found in the Genesis to Revelation story as a possible world by which adolescents can interpret their lives.

When constructing their identity through the lens of the Christ event, adolescents are grafted into God’s story as active agents in God’s redemptive plot for the world. To inhabit the world of Scripture is to embody a new identity as adopted children of the triune God and participate in the interlocking of heaven and earth through Christ. The goal of a narrative approach is to help youth to see that they are not just viewers, but that they are both characters and co-authors in the midst of a redemptive saga produced by God. The great task of those who teach Scripture to adolescents is to help them discover that God has invited them to be active agents in the epic drama presented in Scripture. A narrative approach invites adolescents to reconstruct their past, perceive their present, and imagine their future autobiographically in light of the biblical narrative.

As adolescents psychosocially write themselves into the biblical drama in consort with the triune God, and the larger believing community, the way they view themselves and interact with the world becomes congruent with God’s revealed reality. Ultimately, it is by the enactment of Scripture that adolescents are fused into the family of Christ and ushered onto the world stage where they live out their identities as God’s saints within the biblical drama of redemption.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Clark, Chap

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November 2018

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narrative, adolescents, scripture, teaching




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