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Fall 10-13-2017


The goal of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of two training mechanisms to equip churches to run an intensive faith and work discipleship program called the Gotham Fellowship. The first training involves participation in a week-long summer intensive training and the second training will happen through the development of a leaders’ handbook for implementing the Gotham Fellowship.

Building upon the framework of the normative, existential and situational perspectives extensively outlined in this study, these church leaders will be equipped to lead a Gotham-like Fellows program in their churches to lay a foundation for a robust faith and work ministry. This training corresponds to the three perspectives. Normatively, those who will lead the Fellows program will learn a foundational biblical theology of work highlighting five passages of Scripture. Existentially, they will experience spiritually formative practices that highlight the need to engage God personally through adaptations of ancient devotional practices. Situationally, they will acquire and be trained to utilize tools that help apply the gospel’s power into the three areas of heart, community, and world through corresponding projects.

CFW will utilize two main online surveys to assess the effectiveness of this training—the first survey will be sent out shortly after the summer intensive with a follow-up survey sent out after the completion of the first-year Gotham program. Through these two surveys, the hope is to improve these two training tools so that CFW can more effectively prepare churches to launch Gotham programs that will accelerate faith and work ministries around the world.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Mouw, Richard J.

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November 2018

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faith and work, discipleship




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