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Fall 9-22-2017


As the Kingdom of God is a relational construct, this project argues that it is possible to quantify and influence the health of an oikos (a set of relationships), framed by the reality of the Kingdom of God, which ultimately transforms communities in which program participants of Arrow Leadership serve.

There is growing commentary about Christians embracing aspects of the Kingdom of God beyond the scope and ministry of their local congregation (or, for increasing numbers of Christians, living in missional communities as an alternate to participating in a local congregation). In light of this move towards a post Christendom environment, the missional purview initiated and intended by the missio dei, wherein the missional reality of the Kingdom of God is expressed through the existing social infrastructure or networks in which Christians are placed, becomes increasingly normative for Christ followers. This paper asserts that the health of networks can be measured and therefore become increasing healthy, growing and full of love (Eph 4:16).

The purpose of this dissertation is to establish a methodology by which the health of an oikos (a set or network of relationships), framed by the reality of the Kingdom of God, can be measured (via survey) and influenced. This project will have particular focus on the past participants of the Arrow Leadership Program (offered by Arrow Leadership, a national, non-denominational, leadership development Christian not for profit organization). As a result, these past participants (and eventually those who subsequently access the survey) will be practically equipped with the capacity to develop their oikos, such that it reflects with greater clarity the reality of the Kingdom of God, thereby impacting positively the broader community in which their oikos exists.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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oikos, transformation, communities, missional, relationships, Kingdom of God




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