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Spring 3-18-2018


The purpose of this study is to explore how a fivefold leadership practice may be launched in an organized church to foment a Kingdom-centric, missional mindset that is contextual for postmodern generations.[1] The project draws from lessons learned in an initial attempt made in 2012 to establish a fivefold structure at a Hispanic Nazarene church.

The desire at the time was to help the local church become mission oriented, both locally and globally, through a collegial, fivefold ministry. These efforts demonstrated the importance of ecclesial leadership, and the impact that they have in fostering a corporal ethos where change can happen. The culture of a church, its beliefs, values, and practices, will either promote or hinder change efforts.

As the demographics of North America continue to alter, and particularly those of the Hispanic community, ecclesial expressions and leadership models will need to adjust so the church can remain relevant to its context. Second and third generation Hispanic millennials and Generation Z are inviting the Hispanic church to embrace a new way of being together before the Lord.

This project is proposing a new strategy to help congregations establish a fivefold practice, using organizational change theories. This new approach follows a process-model methodology, giving time for strategies to be evaluated for their effectiveness. It also focuses on fostering a growth-mindset culture within the organization where missional, Kingdom ideas, values, and practices can be embraced, primarily by those who have the power to influence change. Further research and implementation of this strategy will be needed to test its effectiveness.

[1] A fivefold leadership is composed of an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher; commonly known by the acronym APEST.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Logan, Robert

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November 2018

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fivefold leadership, missional, postmodern, Hispanic, Nazarene




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