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Fall 12-31-2017


This doctoral project aims to empower the Christian fathers at West Sydney Chinese Christian Church (WSCCC) to experience spiritual transformation in their busy daily lives. The demands from work and the pressure of living in Sydney, Australia, together with additional family responsibilities, have drained and prevented them from experiencing God on an ongoing basis. To address this need, this pilot project attempts to enable the men to experience spiritual transformation through practicing Christian contemplative disciplines and receiving spiritual direction individually and in a group context.

The project firstly identifies the socio-economic and cultural challenges facing the Chinese fathers who live in Sydney. The rise of the internet and social media culture poses further complications and demands upon the already overextended lifestyle. This part will also describe the dynamics of WSCCC and its influence on these men’s spiritual formation. Upon examination, the Christian fathers have exhibited a robust desire for an intimate relationship with God but have often failed to maintain that.

Part Two lays out the biblical and theological foundation for experiencing spiritual transformation through recognizing and living in God’s presence consistently. It articulates an ecclesiology that urges a paradigm shift in WSCCC to embrace contemplative spirituality. There is also a discussion regarding the pastoral theology of spiritual direction and its unique contribution towards godly formation when it is combined with the regular practices of spiritual disciplines.

Finally this study presents a ministry plan informed by the theological investigation, and seeks to introduce, familiarize, and resource Christian men to engage in various contemplative disciplines in the context of a retreat and spiritual direction group. It also outlines the development tools required for all involved. Attention is given to the timing, processes, and assessment tools required for the successful implementation of such an initiative.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Walling, Terry

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fathers, Chinese, spiritual transformation, Australia, family, disciplines, spiritual direction




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