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Spring 4-1-2018


In Paul’s missionary trips to Corinth, his ability to connect with the multicultural community in Corinth, and his letters to the Corinthian church, we can understand the meaning of crossing cultures when working in a multicultural setting. Though Paul crossed cultural and religious barriers in other places, the multicultural background of Corinth gives us an example of what it means to cross cultures. Paul not only became a messenger of the good news, but also an agent of transformation. Similarly, Fourth Reformed Church has listened to God’s call to cross cultural barriers to point the members of the community to the only one who can save them—Christ.

By understanding the Corinthian community and what Paul confronted there, we find the groundwork to work interculturally in a multicultural context. By becoming all things to all people, Paul created a path in which the cultures involved had the opportunity to understand and learn from each other. While God, through Paul’s writings, is calling Fourth Reformed Church to become all things to all people, he is not calling it to do it all at once. Also, Paul outlines some limitations to guard against the danger of losing ourselves in the process.

Today, in the same way God called Paul, he is calling Fourth Reformed Church to become agents of change and transformation for its community. Through Paul’s work, all those involved can gain a new identity in Christ. Fourth Reformed Church has understood the need of taking new steps in which we, like Paul, will learn how to live with those around us. Finally, through Paul, God is asking us to surrender our religious background, our expectations, our understanding of who he is, and the way we communicate to fully become intercultural human beings while living and working in a multicultural world.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Rah, Soong-Chan

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multicultural, Corinthians, transformation




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