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Fall 9-1-2017


The purpose of this project is to address the lack of discipling of post-confirmation youth in the Church of Hemsedal by forming a Mission Action Team (MAT). The team will take a set of specific actions and test if these can diffuse new discipleship approaches after a traditional Lutheran catechesis, as a part of a recontextualization process of the gospel in a Scandinavian culture. This paper is divided into three parts.

Part One presents the ministry context and describes the circumstances and the nature of local adaptive challenges. It offers important understanding regarding what is going on among former Hemsedal confirmands and examines the decline of the Lutheran Churches in Scandinavia and the relevance of a post-Christendom Church. Qualitative research is prepared by a MAT consisting of key persons. Then evaluation of the research follows, proposing some initial approaches and experiments.

Part Two reflects theologically on the findings from the interviews in order to recontextualize the gospel locally. The biblical and theological foundations of discipleship and the concept of recontextualization are examined. This analysis will be done through the lens of teachings on the Trinity, Ecclesiology, and Individuality. In particular, Robert J. Schreiter’s five criteria for establishing Christian identity are employed for these proposed experiments.

Part Three presents a ministry strategy based on the interviews, the recontextualization process, and the initial experiments. It uses the Missional Change Model, with the intent to innovate and diffuse ways of recontextualizing discipleship. The strategy utilizes a methodology of an action-reflection-action process and looks at challenges presented by new existing praxis, interprets them and the feedback, and proposes experiments—which in turn are evaluated. After experimentation, there is assessment to continually recontextualize the gospel within youth culture in the Church.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Fredrickson, Kurt

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discipleship, Lutheran, missional change model




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