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Fall 10-1-2017


The purpose of this study is to develop a strategy for members at Jachin Church in Hong Kong to identify authentic forgiveness and to practice it. Conflict and hurt are inevitable in life. To forgive and to be forgiven are crucial to turn conflict and hurt from being life-destructive to being life-constructive. Authentic forgiveness that is biblically based is a divine gift that God offers to humanity, so that hurt can be healed, the cycle of retaliation can be broken, one’s painful past can be released, and impaired relationships can be reconciled. However, forgiveness carries different meanings and expressions within different cultures. Not all kinds of forgiveness that people practice in various cultures are biblically based and equally life-transforming. For example, some forgive by forgetting, some forgive in order to avoid conflict, and some forgive in order to achieve self-healing.

The way many members at Jachin Church perceive and practice forgiveness deviates from authentic forgiveness because of the cultural influence of the Chinese tradition and western individualistic culture. For example, some forgive in order to maintain harmony, but they ignore the truth. Others forgive as a unilateral act of self-healing without reconciling the broken relationship. Authentic forgiveness should comprise genuine repentance, which requires dealing with the issues, and reconciliation, which is a mutual transaction.

This study employs a one-year timeline for implementing the pilot project. It intends to inspire and motivate members at Jachin Church to identify authentic forgiveness and to confront the tendency to trivialize it due to cultural influences. Further, this study also develops concrete steps for those in need to practice authentic forgiveness in order to receive the blessedness that God intends through it. An assessment will be done for the effectiveness of the pilot project before its full launch by the end of 2018.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Tan, Jimmy

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forgiveness, conflict, Jachin Church, Chinese




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