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Summer 6-6-2017


The purpose of this project is to describe a witness community strategy to lead Tung Fook Chai Wan Church in Hong Kong to go through a transition to become a missional community. As it members develop a more missional mindset, this middle-class congregation will demonstrate a lifestyle of serving, evangelism, and witnessing the living Christ.

This strategy has four features. First, it is a cognitive-experiential approach aimed at behavioral commitment of the participants. Second, it is a stage-by-stage development with continuous evaluation and refinement. Third, it is a modeling and leadership-by-example approach. Fourth, the dual role of leadership by the top leader and the Holy Spirit is emphasized.

The implementation has three stages. In the first stage, a pilot witness community is formed in which twelve leaders participate in discipleship. In the second stage, the original twelve leaders form their own respective witness communities. In the third stage, the twelve leaders then form new communities, and other potential leaders are identified and invited to form new communities as well.

A pre- and post-implementation survey in the first stage of implementation indicates a change of spiritual beliefs, attitudes, practices, and vitality of the participants. The results of this survey from the pilot witness community shows signs that these leaders are indeed developing a missional lifestyle.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Rowland, Randy

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November 2018

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missional community




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