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Summer 6-2-2017


Over time, Tower Hill Church has become less and less capable of communicating effectively to younger generations, as its institutional life fossilized around the preferences of the Builders[1]. This has led to a growing language barrier between new and existing members. This project will seek to find a shared ministry language and direction through the development of a theological vision.

This paper explores the relationship between the church and the Greater Red Bank Community. Part of this analysis is descriptive in nature (e.g. the community’s cultural identity and its connecting points with the church, as well as the church’s journey of institutional success, decline, and resurgence). Part of this analysis is also prescriptive in nature (e.g. the opportunities and challenges between the community and the church, the spiritual deficiencies of the church’s witness, and the need for a gospel-centered vision).

The vision process is theologically grounded through the relationship between Reformed ecclesiology and missional vocation. The gospel-centered vision process is the necessary bridge between faithful gospel contextualization and ministry implementation. Those who are elect in Jesus Christ are called to join His Missio Dei vocation by translating the gospel into the language of culture.

This gospel contextualization begins by equipping and empowering current elders and staff to develop a gospel-centered vision statement through a 12-week program of sermon and small group learning modules. The statement will provide a shared theological language for the purpose of greater unity, faithfulness, and effectiveness in witness across generations. The elders, pastors, and staff will then use this vision statement as a lens through which to strategically respond to a key obstacle facing the church in this new season of growth.

[1] Builder Generation: sociological shorthand for the generation born between 1927-1945

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Rowland, Randy

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