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The purpose of this project is to develop a tool that invites members of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Newport Beach to examine their lives in light of the congregation’s mission measures and help them to determine both areas of growth and deficiency. The tool’s narrative structure provides a framework to process the circumstances of life and the variety responses to those events that move one closer to or further from one’s destination. Once participants see the narrative arc of their lives, they will be able to make distinctions between the parts of life that are in continuity or discontinuity with the aims of the Kingdom.

The opening part of this project explores the congregation of St. Andrew’s and the unique setting of Newport Beach from the perspective of the broader cultural story and highlights the ways in which this story collides with the gospel narrative. Particular attention is given to the development of the “vision frame.” This section highlights the role of mission measures in framing a functional description of a mature Christian disciple and the role small group communities play in helping disciples flourish.

The second part examines relevant literature regarding the relationship between the narrative and teleology. Focus is given to the classical virtues and the role of story in the formation of the Christian community as well as the ways communities of interpretation recount and embody narrative as a means of shaping identity. Additionally, the role of spiritual disciplines as a necessary means for transformation along the journey are addressed. The final part presents the goals and plans for the curriculum. Following a presentation of the completed curriculum, the project concludes with an analysis of the timeline, resources needed, and plans for evaluation.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Peace, Richard

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Church, Narrative, Spiritual Growth



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