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The purpose of this ministry focus paper is to develop a strategy for My Father’s House Christian Center to engage the local community through evangelism and realign the church’s practice with Christ’s mission from a Reformed/evangelical understanding.

My Father’s House Christian Center (MFHCC) in La Mirada, California, begun as a non-denominational church plant in 1998, is multi-cultural and growing, with a contemporary worship style. Its mission is to reach the local community through evangelism. One problem is the absence of denominational history/structure; church members bring doctrines and practices from their imbedded theology that veer from biblical Christianity. Therefore, MFHCC needs a strategy for evangelism that develops and installs a Reformed/evangelical understanding of Christ’s mission.

The imbedded theological assumption of many members holds that “faith alone” can accomplish all things pertaining to God. MFHCC’s mission stems from the Great Commission, calling us “to go” into the world; whereas, a “faith alone” stance believes that God will use other means to achieve His will. This imbedded theology could cause MFHCC to fail to “go” into its community and lose contact with its mission.

The first part of this paper details the history and development of MFHCC, examining the local community for an understanding of ministry context. The absence of a denominational history and its impact on MFHCC are summarized.

The second part develops the biblical and theological foundations for MFHCC. The mission of Christ is explored for biblical directives pertaining to engaging the local community evangelically. Additionally, an examination of the Reformation and Evangelical movements supply MFHCC with a ministry background from which to draw an identity.

The leadership strategy in the third part is derived from parts one and two. It involves small-group learning clusters to educate about biblical evangelism. This strategy provides a clear method for engaging our local community through evangelism and supplies the church’s leadership with a renewed vision for evangelism that will be passed on to the congregation through all ministry teams.

Content Reader: John Throop, PhD

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Throop, John

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My Father's House Christian Center (La Mirada, Calif.); Great Commission (Bible); Home missions; Church renewal; Evangelistic work


Missions and World Christianity


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