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Fall 11-26-2018


Moving people from explorers of Christ, to believers of Christ, to Christ-centered followers of Jesus is the discipleship-focus of Broadway Church (BWC). To grow everyone toward maturity in Christ is the purpose of the church ministries. Nevertheless, spiritual growth to maturity for many of the Chinese-speaking congregants is difficult, though not impossible. The impediment to spiritual growth is constituted by various factors: being raised under the cultivation of atheism, the rule of colonialism or communism, the continuing political movement, traditional cultures and values, etc. By and large, not many of the congregants are enthusiastic about discipleship, or passionate about transformation to Christ-likeness. Overall, the lack of committed followers and leaders to serve in the kingdom of God is the challenge of the Chinese Ministry.

In light of the impediment to the spiritual growth of the Chinese-speaking congregants, the objective of this project is to develop a paradigm to encourage spiritual formation among them. To that end, this project seeks to adopt the Spirit-led mentoring and coaching practices through small groups to attain the said objective. Some effective spiritual disciplines such as Loyola’s Exercises, Lectio Divina, prayer, etc., will be identified and incorporated into the practice process. The goals of this project are twofold: the first goal is to develop a model to enhance spiritual growth and empower followers to become leaders of the Chinese Ministry; and the second goal is to understand how to build up mentoring and coaching relationships that are effective for discipleship and leadership development.

This paper will reveal a strategy that enhances spiritual growth and leadership development for the Chinese-speaking congregants. It will discuss the resources, tools and approaches that will be used for assessment. Finally, it will evaluate whether the project is successful or not and the corresponding reason.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Silas Ng

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Discipleship, Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching


Christianity | Practical Theology

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