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Spiritual exercises are valuable practices that come to us through Scripture and Christian tradition. However, these practices have been lost to our own church at a time when perhaps we most need them. Our church, the Great Exchange Covenant Church (GrX) is in the Silicon Valley of California. Our context is marked by innovative technology, creativity and imagination. It is also marked by over-achievement, competition, financial pressure and a pervasive feeling of anxiety. People are overly- busy, pressured and worried, leading to lives of restlessness and frantic activity. The result is a profound disconnection from God, from others and even from a sense of oneself.

In response to the challenges facing the GrX church community and to counter the frenetic culture of Silicon Valley, this doctoral project will seek to help the adult leaders of GrX strengthen their relationship with God, others and themselves through the spiritual exercises of solitude, silence, prayer, study and rest. Spiritual practices found in Scripture and in Christian tradition can be rediscovered. They can also be reimagined to engage the hearts and minds of believers in Silicon Valley who seek to live faithfully amidst this culture.

Part One explores the ministry context and challenges of the people at GrX. Part Two consists of a literature review, engaging the topic of spiritual practices and the need for adults to engage in these practices. Part Two also offers theological reflection and explores more deeply the specific practices of solitude, silence, prayer, study and rest. Part Three delineates the goals and plans for a ministry program focused on spiritual exercises. Part Three also contains the implementation strategy of the ministry program then concludes with an overall program assessment to see if the practice of spiritual exercises helps strengthen one’s connection with God, others and oneself.

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Rowland, Randy

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Spiritual practices, Spiritual formation, Great Exchange Covenant Church (GrX)




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