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The purpose of this project is to develop a ministry initiative for corporate spiritual formation at Lifelight Church in San Francisco to encourage intentional spiritual growth of the community. Most critical to this project is to recognize the social element of spiritual formation. It imagines all members of the church practicing the presence of God to be formed to the likeness of Christ through meditative prayer, encouragement, and leadership as formative practices within the community.

This paper is divided into three parts. Part One examines current socio-economic and cultural shifts in San Francisco and its effects on Lifelight Church. Specifically, the unique landscape of the city’s lack of religiosity and the characteristic of millennials in Lifelight Church are explored in order to decipher a contextual basis for the need for spirituality.

Part Two of this paper engages a relevant biblical and theological foundation for corporate spiritual formation by reviewing literature that provides the rationale for prayer, encouragement, and leadership as formative, communal practices within the process of individual growth. A survey of the missio Dei throughout the Pauline letters is explored for its significant relevance to spiritual formation. The section also examines faith as a journey, observable in Israel’s story of exodus and the characters in the Old Testament.

Part Three presents the goals and plans for implementing the corporate practice of meditative prayer, encouragement, and leadership for the formation of members of Lifelight Church. This section includes a detailed strategy for teaching about spiritual formation as a process, practicing meditative prayer, learning about peer coaching, and discovering fivefold gifting. Finally, the implementation and assessment of the project are outlined in its process, resources, and assessment.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Matthews, Keith J.

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Spiritual Formation, Church, Meditation




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