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Fall 12-17-2018


The purpose of this project is to develop an online training curriculum for those wanting to reach out to the sexually exploited as a volunteer with After Hours Ministry (AHM). Ministry to the sexually exploited is becoming very popular, but people can do more harm than good if they are not adequately prepared to holistically minister to the complexity of issues facing the sexually exploited. Through the development of an online training curriculum, AHM will be able to train and prepare volunteers by addressing the complexity of needs facing those who are sexually exploited.

Part One will look at the ministry’s context. It will begin with a history of how AHM was created. It will then look at the geographical context the ministry serves in, Los Angeles, to explore the challenges, joys, and opportunities the ministry faces as a result of the prevalent form of sexual exploitation they encounter, mainly street prostitution. The section will examine the history of prostitution and its current state in the United States. It will address the implications and complexities of outreach to men and women who are sexually exploited, focusing particularly on those who are prostituted.

Part Two will examine texts pertinent to the theological foundation for the project. Contemporary literature will be explored to understand a theology of humanity, violence against women, and a theology of compassionate justice as practiced through radical hospitality. It will then consider how these theological themes help inform a training curriculum for reaching out to the sexually exploited.

Part Three will focus on the creation and implementation of an online curriculum for training those wanting to reach out to the sexually exploited. It will review the theological implications of a new training, assessment of the current training, goals, strategy, target population, outline of the new online training, and plan for development and distribution. This section will also include an assessment of the initial piloting of the training curriculum and suggestions for future improvements.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Dr. Pamela MacRae

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Sexually exploited, Trafficking, Prostitution, Outreach, Church work, Online training, Curriculum, Volunteer, After hours ministry


Christianity | Other Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Practical Theology


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