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Winter 1-2019


The purpose of this project is to develop a multi-faceted strategy to empower laypeople from Sunrise Christian Community to launch simple, reproducible, and micro churches in the community or in their own social networks, leading to a paradigm change from an institutional and attractional church to a lay-driven disciple-making and church planting movement. Sunrise Christian Community is located in the predominantly immigrant West San Gabriel Valley, California. Historically, the three main waves of Chinese immigrants from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China have provided the church with many opportunities to evangelize. At the same time, the influx of new members from different sub-cultures has created serious internal conflicts and challenges for most churches. The traditional strategy of the institutional church to attract and keep new members has only brought minimal growth to Sunrise in the last fifteen years. To address this challenge, this project seeks to transform Sunrise from an institutional church to a lay-driven disciple-making movement through a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional change process.

Part one of this project examines both the local community and the specific character of Sunrise’s ministry and spiritual dynamics. Part two establishes the theological foundations of a missional movement ecclesiology from the doctrine of the missio Dei, the theological themes of the Kingdom of God, the universal priesthood of believers, and the nature of the church. A combination of the Evangelicals’ emphasis on evangelism and the Charismatics’ distinctive of prayer and power evangelism are explored for designing a contextualized disciple-making strategy. Part three presents a multi-faceted process of paradigm change. It describes the various components of the process, including a prayer campaign, a guiding coalition, a new vision, a pilot group, new ministry tools, and a new matrix to measure success. It also analyzes and evaluates the outcomes after two years of implementation.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Kurt Fredrickson

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Disciple Making Movements, Church Planting Movements, Discipleship, Church Planting, Asian American Church, Multiplication, Paradigm Shift, Institutional Church, Missional Church, Missional, Movement, Evangelism, Organic Church, Micro Church, Simple Church, Great Commission, House Church, missio Dei, Lay-led Movement, Lay-led churches, Missional Scorecard, Spontaneous Expansion, Kingdom-Centered, Reproducible


Christianity | Missions and World Christianity | Organization Development | Practical Theology | Religion


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