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Winter 2-28-2019


The goal of this project is to explore the various aspects of spiritual disciplines focusing on meditation with prayer, and to implement it into the little community of Contra Costa Korean Church to regain the passion for God and for the gospel. The effort in doing these spiritual disciplines would deepen this community’s spirituality. Through careful examination of Scripture as well as various scholarly works, this project identifies the Word as the key factor for human transformation in disciplines like meditation. The working of human transformation is through the changed will and intention by hearing the voice of God in their hearts over a lifetime. To test this thesis, a pilot program was launched for two months in the summer of 2018.

During the actual pilot program of meditation with prayer, the participants are given the chance to encounter God speaking to their hearts, enjoying all the benefits of biblical meditation. This project is largely done individually in private spaces, however, the participants also spend time together at church to affirm and learn the lessons from what they experience. They are asked to read the four gospels along with Desire of Agesby Ellen White.

The project concludes the practice of this spiritual discipline enhances their understanding of the Word and deepens their relationship with God. Written and verbal assessments demonstrate dramatic increase in interest. However, due to the limited time and number of small group test samples, this finding is not complete and further practice is needed. Nevertheless, this initial project has been encouraging, and it contributes to Contra Costa Church’s momentum to keep moving forward and deeper in spiritual growth.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Keith Matthews

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Spirituality, Biblical Meditation, Prayer


Missions and World Christianity


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