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Winter 3-11-2019


The purpose of this project is to analyze the current context of North American parents and their teenagers so as to recommend ways they can support the holistic development (body, mind, and soul) of their children. Although many factors contribute to the outcome, balanced nurturing can give them a better chance of enjoying a healthier adulthood later in life. Children need support and guidance from multiple sectors, especially parents, in their holistic development.

This paper is divided into three parts. Part One focuses on analyzing the environment and challenges faced by today’s young people and their parents in North America. Under the impact of postmodernism in a performance-driven, high-tech culture, many adolescents feel confused, abandoned, and time-pressured. They are desperately searching for self-identity, autonomy, and a sense of belonging as their root of life. Parents, on the other hand, often feel inadequate and stressed in raising their children, especially in today’s competitive and multicultural world. Many do not receive support from their family of origin. Contextually, this information forms the basis for the next sections of the project.

Part Two analyzes the identified challenges both parents and their teenage children are facing. This section goes deeper to study the Bible’s teaching on the body, mind, and soul to facilitate holistic development. It then reflects on the issues identified in Part One through the lens of biblical theology. From the insights gained, suggestions are made for how parents can support the balanced development of their children.

Part Three presents a series of systematic parenting courses, designed to equip parents in their task. This section includes an outline of the course curriculum and suggests an implementation plan. The hope is that Christian parents and family ministry workers may consider it as a reference in parenting practice or ministry.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Chap Clark

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North American teenagers, North American parents, adolescents, neurological development of teenagers, psychological development of teenagers, spiritual development of teenagers, holistic development, spiritual parenting, faith exile, systematic parenting course, parent-church partnership, implementation and evaluation, body mind and soul, identity, sense of belonging, autonomy, social capital, abandoned and wounded, postmodern world, Christian parenting, Science and faith, practical strategies, next generations, clash of cultures


Child Psychology | Curriculum and Instruction | Developmental Neuroscience | Developmental Psychology | Family, Life Course, and Society | Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling | Other American Studies | Practical Theology | Systems and Integrative Physiology


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