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Spring 2-27-2019


This project created a ministry plan for a six-week course in which participants embraced their identity as children of God, participated in spiritual disciplines, and developed practices unique to their giftings, rhythms, and relationships in life in order to engage missionally. The project and related course materials were utilized during a Sunday School class at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, Florida. A recent congregational health survey revealed a disconnection between congregants and the church’s mission, as well as a lack of purposeful relationships within the church. This class was created as an experimental short-term version of what the church leadership hopes will become a long-term plan for individuals searching for a deeper connection to God and God’s mission in the community.

The project was founded on Scripture and literature relevant to developing a formation process toward a missional identity. Learning to exercise spiritual disciplines, beginning with the formational reading of Scripture, and the development of practices in everyday rhythms of life, the course work guided participants through a process of transformation, discovering who they are and how God might use them in his mission. Participants wrestled with identity—with the assumption that knowing whose they are would inform who they are.

Participants completed a spiritual health self-assessment on both the first and last Sundays as a tool to measure whether or not daily spiritual disciplines and practices led to a greater embracing of missional identity. The results of the survey showed a positive connection and provided a clear path forward to offering a longer option in the near future. The course work created for this project will be expanded to develop this long-term class that will delve even deeper into identity formation disciplines and practices that connect individuals with God’s larger mission.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Tod Bolsinger, PhD

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Missional, Identity, Child of God, Practices, Spiritual Disciplines, Giftedness, StrengthsFinder, Rule of Life, Mission Statement, Creation Gifts, Spiritual Health Assessment


Christianity | Missions and World Christianity | Practical Theology


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