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Carlo Walth

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The purpose of the “Abiding Guide” is to companion with Andrew Murray's masterpiece on spiritual transformation, Abide in Christ, and to make the deep and profound teaching of this classic work practical and accessible to 21st century student-seekers who are in search of developing a deeply transforming and intimate relationship with Christ. It will serve as the foundational mentoring curriculum aimed at the specific target audience of postmodern Generation X and Y “Twenty-Something” students who participate in the ministries of Sierra Pines, a Christian camp in California’s Tahoe region. The “Abiding Guide” leads students into studies and practices of spiritual discipline that pursue genuine Christ-like holiness and Spirit-filled empowerment.

Evaluations of the cultural context and spiritual realities of the target audience demonstrate a search for experiences of deeper spiritual formation by this group; thereby informing the direction and practices provided in the “Abiding Guide.” The study guide materials counter the inadequacies of a common pattern of evangelical Christian discipleship that has focused heavily on developing virtues of biblical knowledge, ritual obedience, and training for ministry that frequently result in spiritual apathy, moral inconsistency, and powerlessness. The “Abiding Guide” provides a fresh and discerning biblical-theological approach to spiritual transformation based on Andrew Murray’s in-depth teaching on “abiding in Christ the vine” as found in John 15.

The “Abiding Guide” provides detailed guide materials for reading and engaging 10 key chapters of Abide in Christ. A sample of the “Abiding Guide” materials is included in Appendix form. The “Abiding Guide” serves as a study guide for three possible scenarios including: individual study; mentored study; and small group study. It is a primary goal to publish this material and make it accessible to the specific target audience of this project, as well as a larger audience of seekers in a diversity of life-stages.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Murray, Andrew; Abide in Christ; Sierra Pines (Twin Bridges, Calif.); Spiritual formation; Church work with youth


Missions and World Christianity


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