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According to the last census in Brazil in 2010, there is an overwhelming Christian population (86.8 percent). There are many seminaries, religious institutions, churches and great Christian theologians, both Catholic and Evangelical, however, youth ministry is not considered to be an area of study for any of them. For that reason, the aim of this final project is to create and develop a postgraduate level youth ministry course in São Paulo, Brazil.

Part One of this project describes the context of church and youth ministry in São Paulo, the history of youth ministry in Brazil and the context of adolescents living in São Paulo. This part aims to point out the challenges of youth ministry today and the ecclesiological, academic, social and cultural factors influencing the development of this ministry.

Part Two of this project explores all of the subjects to be studied in this course. Starting from a theological reflection on youth ministry, the discussion further examines a practical theology for youth ministry and for adoptive youth ministry. The next section of Part Two focuses on the development of adolescents and those factors influencing them such as a culture of abandonment, adolescent culture, family and peers. It then studies the practices of youth ministry, such as discipleship, teaching, pastoral care and programming. Finally it concentrates on all of the people involved in youth ministry like youth leaders, volunteers, parents, youth and the whole congregation.

The final part focuses on the development of a comprehensive syllabus for each of the four modules of the course and a teaching guide to the lectures of a course in Seminário Teológico Servo de Cristo (Servants of Christ Theological Seminary).

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Clark, Chap

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Youth, Theological seminaries, Church work with youth, Pastoral theology, Youth ministry, Adolescence


Curriculum and Instruction | Practical Theology | Religious Education


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